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HELP! got a little carried away..


Verizon Hater
As I was messing around with my display themes, I'm not really sure what happened, but only part of the theme (which may have been corrupt in the first place) was loaded to the phone.. then like an idiot I tried to apply it just to see what happened.. well after I cleaned my pants from thinking I killed my phone, everything works except I can't access anything in the menu. I'm guessing that's where the initial conflict was in the theme. so my question is how do I get back to change the theme to a known good one? is there a way to seem edit that feature? I'm really stumped right now and waaayyyy too afraid of trying anything stupid again.


Verizon Hater
thanks for the quick response, but flashed and reflashed with no change. phone still starts up fine and I can make calls, just cannot enter any of the menu settings...


Verizon Hater
alright.. finally fixed it at 3:15 this morning. I was finally able to delete the bad skin with bitpim, which I thought I had done several times before.. oh well, my phone's not dead!:laugh:

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