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Help! frequency out of range

I messed up big time! When fiddeling with my settings in ati's catalyst control center i accidently put the resolution on a setting my monitor cannot function at. Now when i boot up and pass the boot menus and stuff which are at a low res, and i get to my main desktop (which I want back at 1024x768) it says frequency out of range on my monitor and theres nothing i can do. The only reason i can send this message is because of safe mode + networking. I've tried a lot of things such as getting into catalyst by safe mode (that doesnt detect video card) and I tried unplugging and replugging my card but its obviously the catalyst driver which is on my harddrive. I do have onboard video but dont know how to revert to that to switch the settings. I'm in quite a pickle and could use some help. I have a ATI x700 Pro PCI-E.
*3 cheers for system restore!!*

Knocked my PC back to the settings it had as of sunday with system restore in safe mode and that did the trick! Thanks for the suggestions though.


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Just for future reference you can boot up in safe mode and remove the drivers then reboot into normal windows and reinstall. Might be easier, and wont lose any other settings and such.

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