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23 Dec 2006

I really need some help. I am disabled and I can only press 1 key at a time. Presently, I am using a WebTV unit and I want to switch to a computer.

I had been searching for a small, wireless keyboard with shift-lock, ctrl-lock and cmd-lock keys with the ability to control the mouse with the arrow keys. I can't use a touchpad, toggle or trackball.

Then somebody told me to check out Dragon NatSpeak Preferred 9. I read some reviews and thought I was totally sold on this software until I ran across some software called QPointer. Now I'm totally confused.

Can anybody help me? I don't mind typing but it can be very tiring since I use a mouthstick. If anyone knows of a keyboard like the one described earlier, I would appreciate any info about it.

OR, if anyone has used or knows someone that uses Dragon NatSpeak Preferred 9, please let me know if it would allow me to surf the internet without a keyboard.

Also, has anyone heard of or used QPointer? Are there any other voice-recognition software I should look into?

I am worried about spending a lot of money for a computer and software and then finding out it won't work for me.

I cannot directly assist - but there are a couple of links you may find useful:-

one is here for something called accessify

and another here for British Computer Association for the blind

Hopefully these can also be helpful for your situation - since voice recognition is common. I really want to welcome you here too and hope you find this forum useful when you are able to use a computer - which you seem to be doing pretty well judgign by your first post! Rep++
Fwiw, Dragon is really good. One of my colleagues is an account manager in the k-12 segment and she has had hand's on experience with it and loves it.

Unfortunately I haven't but I will vouch for her and I have full faith in her assessment.

Is there any chance you can perhaps give the software you are looking at a test-drive? Either through demo's or checking with a local vendor? The software is not cheap and I would hate for you to buy something, only to realize it is not quite what you wanted m8.

G.luck and keep us posted.
No, I can't test drive it. I am very limited with my WebTV and that's why I want to switch to a computer.

But you are right and that's why I'm so tentitive about buying a computer and the software. I can't afford to take a chance.

When I wanted to get a new TV, I spent nearly 3 years researching every type of technology. I finally settled on a DLP HDTV and I am completely satisfied.

I'm hoping that it doesn't take that long for me to get the right computer and software for my needs.

Do you know or can you ask you friend if the software makes it hands-free?

She's out of town for the christmas weekend.

Send me a pm or bump this thread on Tuesday and I'll see what I can do. So much going on right now, I definitely won't remember at that time.

In the meantime, if anyone else here has test-driven any of the software titles talked about please post.

p.s. from what I know, dragon naturally speaking should all you to voice control a lot of your apps. Is that the one you are talking about?
Yes, it is Dragon NatSpeak Preferred 9 that I'm interested in. I have been trying to find users of this software to get their feedback.

I'm looking forward to finding out what your friend says about her software. I hope it's all hands-free.


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