Help find the cure to Cancer and/or Anthrax.


2 Dec 2001
If you want to dedicate some of your computer's idle time to looking for an Anthrax cure, go to and download the program. They also have one for cancer research.

Not only is it a good cause, but I'm finding out it's a great way to test my systems performance. I've had this thing running in the background all day long and my cpu temp has stayed pegged on 53 C with 100% cpu use.

Check out the attachment for a screenshot of the programs main window, and my system temps. It also sets itself as your screen saver so you might want to change that back to your favorite after it installs.
I have been using the same thing for about 8 months now but it a Program trying to Find a Cure for Cancer
check it out here. It is run by the same people who do the Anthrax project.

Cancer Project
just curious... but how exactly do these work ?

MdSalih - to tired to work it out himself ;)
Originally posted by MdSalih
just curious... but how exactly do these work ?

MdSalih - to tired to work it out himself ;)
Recent work has shown that the anthrax toxin has three protein components. One of these proteins, the so-called "protective antigen," forms a ring. This ring binds with another protein, the "lethal factor," which facilitates the entry of the lethal factor into a cell. Harvard University discovered that this binding can be inhibited, preventing the resulting toxicity. And now, a group at Oxford University has identified the site on this key protein where the binding occurs—where the right molecular interaction may inhibit the binding and ultimately prevent the toxicity that results in disease.

The Anthrax Research Project focuses on processing billions of molecules that have drug-like characteristics to determine if they interact with this protein site in a way that will inhibit the disease. This is done through a process called "virtual screening"—a part of drug discovery that takes enormous amounts of computational cycles that can literally take years to complete with conventional computational methods. By distributing the work via the MetaProcessor platform, the goal is to accelerate this process and get the computational work done much faster so that the molecules that have the right type of interaction will be catalogued, ranked and explored further in a lab as soon as possible.

Or something like that. ;)
I have completed 34% of my first run, didn't even realise it was running in the background!
Been going for 10 hours, I was even playing Ghost Recon during that time, so it is hardly a resource hog :p
Well I know quite a bit about the Cancer project not sure how the Anthrax one works exactly but here goes...
Basicly they are trying to Pinpoint certain Molecules that they need for a Drug to cure cancer..There is somethething like 100 billion different kinds of combinations to get to that soulution, so each person using the program gets a molecule to work on, your computer runs through all the different combinations an that specific molecule to see if it is the one they need or don't need. When it is done it sends the info back to them and sends you a new molecule to work on.
When I first installed the program and began using it I read that just using their (Oxford University) computers it would take them about 12 years to go through all the combinations that they needed. Now with peoples help they are at about 6 years. The more people using it the quicker they might be able to find a cure.
Im no expert but I hope I explained it well enough.

Here is a screenshot
its not a resource hog at all...I think it's process thread is set to lowest was designed by intel too so it's made to be like its not there....I tihnk they should implement this into a $50 cheaper veresion of windows....
kk - still don;t fully understand... but will run it all the same... set it up on 3 of my computers see what it does...

MdSalih - off to school...
hmm... just got back from school... it's done 100% and not doing anything else... paused... what happens next ? white poweder starts comming outta my printer ?

MdSalih - bewildered

If you are connected to the internet it will automatically
send the info back to them and send you a new molecule to work on.
MdSalih, just to let you know some are quick and some are not i am currently at 82% but it has been working on this one for 24 hours. Check out the right hand corner where it says Hits, thats when It finds something its looking for.
grrrr.... on my 4th one now... it's stuck over 1 damn molecule... been @ 7% for last 30 mins!!! :mad:

I've been running the UD research since last April, and it's a superb project to be involved in.
I formed a team if anyone is interested in joining one, its UK based, and also has its own active forum. We are up to 39 members at the moment, from the UK, USA and Canada.
Our team details can be found here:

Our team homepage here:

A great project all round. Happy number crunching from the Possums.

I just installed and am running 100% CPU (work computer) - Pretty nifty I reckon.:rolleyes:
Im on 1% after 14mins and my Target Protien looks like a load of marbles with little swirly things around it.

It is meant to look like that (anthrax)
Hi Unisol.
United devices, as well as crunching cancer proteins, have recently introduced proteins to crunch looking for an anthrax cure.
Looks like you have an anthrax protein.
You can solely concentrate on cancer molecules by going to your UD member page.
If you open your UD window and click on "View your device list, you will get your username and password requester up. Enter the details and on the screen that appears, click on the name of your profile. This may be "Default". You will see the profile screen and you can deselect the anthrax option. Repeat for each profile name you have set up.
The time it takes to process proteins can vary, some can take a couple of hours, the one I'm currently doing is at 99% after 91 hours.
By the way, are you the Kevin that has joined the possums, if so, thanks, and make sure you pop over to our home page and say hi.
:) The Possums home page

looks like someone ain't been paying attention in science lesson...

MdSalih - Use science lesson as sleep time... for real!

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