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Help!!!!! Everything constantly crashing!!!


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Hey. My computer is a 500 Mhz Celeron, 192 Ram, Voodoo3 3000, 17gb TOTAL Storage.

My computer as of recently, every program has been crashing! Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, even Norton Anti-Virus! I havent installed or downloaded anything recently, so I dont know what it could be. Why is my system doing this?!

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If it's after a set amount of time, IE 20 mins or so, and your system doesn't boot normally after then it's overheating.

Probably you're processor fan failing


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It is my personal belief that the fan is working fine. For one, it has sounded fine and has never changed. Second, why would my computer load difficult programs such as Counter-Strike, Ultima Online, AIM and ICQ...yet it wont load Outlook Express, Norton System Work / Anti-virus, and Internet Explorer? Plus I am not getting any post beeps signifying that my fan is bad. :(


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well having a celery explains it all :p

but anyway to the point,
id still check your temp
if not via the computer then physically by touching the side of the heatsink.
it may sound ok... and bios may not beep at ya, but it can still be overheating.

if its not that... check for viruses

maybe a re-install is needed if certain windows apps are not working.

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