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Help! DSL/Cable router with ADSL modem


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Hi everyone,
I know this is an incredibly long shot, and I'm not expecting much here, but I have this DSL/Cable router which I used a long time ago with NTL. I have just ordered ADSL broadband from Virgin.net, which comes with this ADSL modem. Here's the billion dollar question then:
Is there any way on God's earth that I will be able to connect the modem to the router, or am I doomed to ICS until I buy an ADSL modem/router?
Cheers in advance.
Since that is a USB modem, there's no way on God's earth (or in hell for that matter), no. Not unless the router just happens to have a USB port on the WAN side (chanses are small, but the info was very sparse). So I suggest you get another modem if you can. :)

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