help dram timings?


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13 Jan 2002
ok i just got my 2800+ barton and i dont want to fry it, so in the bois i got this warning. how to i set the dram timings

the mobo is the a7v333


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barton core is 166Mhz double pumped to equal 333. Set the frequency to 166 and it'll be fine
how do i do that it wont let me, do i have to do somthing with the dsw switches or is it in the bois cuz in the bois i cant it wont let me even go on the options for it
wait i put the cpu speed on manual then i could change it around but didnt wanna screw it up the frequency was already on 166/33 and the multiplyer 12.5 what is it suppose to be
i dont know if this makes a difference the ram is 333mhz but before i had a 2200+ so it was probably running at 266 right? does that mean i have to clear the something in the memory or somthing like that?
First off did you check if the MB supports Barton before buying?

The A7V333 needs to be the Version 2 PCB to support 333 FSB with Bios 1017 for XP2600 Model 10 and version 1016 for other Bartons (Model 8 or 10).

If you have the correct bios and a Rev 2 PCB then set CPU and Memory speed select for auto in bios and on the dip switches. The bios should take care of it. The worst that can happen is the it won't boot. When it does boot just make sure it ID's the proceeor and memory right on the boot screen. Then on the first boot check temp in BIOS and as soon as windows loads check the CPU temp to make sure you have the heat sink on right.
**** i think i have the 1.01 revision!!!! damn how can i fix this? i have to get another motherboard?
how can i check on the mobo, cuz i just saw manual version in the user's manual that said 1.01 so im pretty sure its the 1.01 version but not too sure
Make sure it is 1.01. If it is then do a web search there may be some "tricks". Warning the tricks may be risky.

I feel for you . My gigabyte 333 was totally incompatible with 333 FSB, it was only RAM that was 333. I had to get a new MB. I was not pleased either.

The revision number will be on the MB or it might show up in sisoft sandra. The asus web site will tell you where to find the rev number on the MB.
I'll see if I can find it wait one.

Best I could find was a sticker on top or the printer port connector. It was illegible in the photo. Try looking on that it should say Rev 1.01, 1.04 or 2.0.

Or try running sisoft sandra and checking the cpu/mb info. It may have the rev number listed. sandra 2004 is a free downlaod.
ok i looked on top of the printer connector and it says 2BMCRZ1863
well anyways it boots and gets into windows but sometimes it restarts. so i dont wanna ruin my pc again!, im ganna try running sandra now
it recognizes the cpu and ram but i dont know whats the problem:S
keeps shuting down on me, i think the mobo got dammaged from last time when the cpu got fried, until u guys find me help ill try to go down town and get the asus a7n8x i hear they have it here (saudi arabia isnt a good market for amd, but its developing) btw which a7n8x is the best one like i mean the a7n8x-e or deluxe all that stuff, if i cant find it here ill get one from the states my teacher is going soon. thanks alot leejend for ur help
is there anything i can do until i get the new motherboard? btw im getting the abit nf7-s what do u guys think of it?
It's one of the top 2 boards. The Asus is the other. If you plan to upgrade to a 400 mhz FSB or RAM make sure you get a board with the Ultra chipset. It runs 400 mhz RAM and FSB. Some of the others don't. If 333 is as high as you plan to go with this MB then any version chipset is fine.

Until you get the new MB you should be able to run the Barton at 133 FSB with the 12.5 multiplier. It will be slower but it will at least be operational.

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