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Help design Zoom Player Icon set

Electronic Punk

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Blight from www.inmatrix.com has asked if I could post up about making some graphics for the application Zoom Player

He needs an icon set that can manage 16x16, 32x32 and 48x48 (those are all the standard sizes right?)

The icons need to be both in 256 and alpha-blended modes. 256 colors (for older than XP) and alpha blended for XP ...

Incase you didn't know Zoom Player is a media player for windows, other than that I can't really offer any advise on how it should look - current icon is a magnifying glass for example.

Anyway, the author of the best set of icons will recieve a Zoom Player WMV Professional licence (usually $29.95) and of course the recognition of being the Zoom Player icon designer!!

Have fun! I will add any more details as I recieve them!


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I did make one, but I used some other 2 icons and combinedthemtogether. The problem was that they were copyrighted. I'll see if Ican change them some how.

Electronic Punk

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The icon posted is the current icon - just for example.
The other screenshot is how Zoom Player looks incase you have never, for some reason, had a look at it.

Sounds good bk.


Not all there...
Are you looking for icons, like a play button, kind of like this?... (This might be a bit too detailed for the smaller sizes, but it's more to get a grasp of the concept you're looking for...)


Electronic Punk

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I will talk to Blight and see if you are heading down the right way :)
I imagine he would like something that makes full use of the space available, but I will see :)

You seem to be enjoying yourself anyway :D

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