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help cv22.cmd attack

guys how can i remove this virus? my pc is infected and its very slow... evry antivirus will not start

this cv22.cmd cant be detected by avira, avast, and s&d....

-it disables, task manager, show all files, cmd prompt
-it creates a duplicate of all files in my pc which has a a file size of 95.1kb
-it hides all original files leaving the duplicates..one reason why i cant run anivirus programs because all original .exe files are hidden... im not in the mood to reformat because i dont have backup on my files..and all of them have duplicates..


folders name is AVG then it creates a duplicate called AVG.exe then hides the original file.... i cant run anything even highjackthis...
at this point in time, your only option is to reformat.

Even if you can get the main AV file to run - the virus likely knows of the other files and can/has renamed and hidden them.


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Lord is right, it will save you time to just reformat. doing brain surgery for the virus at this point is useless.

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