Help - "Could not open HID device"



Hi all:

I've plugged a Cuecat (bar scan reader) into the USB port via the Ratshack PS2 --> USB converter.

When the computer reboots the error message cited above is displayed.

When I click OK, it logs me in. I go to device manager and look through properties of HID devices and XP claims all is working properly.

I installed Catnip rather than the software that comes with Cuecat.

Does anyone know what is causing this error or how to get rid of it? XP settings issue or device/driver issue?
Perhaps you should check admin. tools>services>HID Input services, set to automatic. Just a 'shot in the dark', hope it helps.
it says everything is working fine...but does the cue cat work ok? :)
Been troubleshootin'

Admin tools --> services --> HID is set to automatically start

Cue cat does work after OKing through errors.

If boot w/o cuecat, then plug it in, XP finds it and enables it, ie, all is OK. The only problem is booting while attached and the only reason that's a problem is that you have to OK through errors to get a complete boot. Unless someone can help, looks like my cuecat is a 'keep disconnected until you need it' device.:(
You probably get that problem when booting cause it was made to use a keyboard's bios. This is why if you plug one into a PS/2 slot without a keyboard hooked up it does'nt work.

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