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help converting mpeg transport streams (.m2t and .ts)


Time Dr. Freeman?
so i used this tutorial to import mpeg transport streams from my hdtvreceiver. anyway so i transferred them from my mac to my pc and iwant to transcode them to xvid or mpeg4. i used this app calledprocoder 2 by canopus, and it worked for some of my stream files, but irecorded 24 last night and i want to transcode it for my library, andeven though it's still a .m2t file it didn't work. procoder 2says that it's an invalid format. anyone know what'swrong.g i think there may be an issue with the resolution? i don't know, if anyone has a better transcoding application please dotell. i've used virtual dub, nandub, and flaskmpeg with noresults. thanks.

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