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help!!! computer will not boot at all..



i thought i already post this, but funny, i didn't see it..
anyways.. well..
here's the problem:

i have a computer here that will not boot at all...
once turn on..

there is NO post
NO video
No bios...

the fan runs... cd-roms lights up but the a:drive (floppy) does not light or read/run at all..

all i get is a black screen with a cursor at the top left corner...
i switched ram(s) but nothing happend..
i can't test the cpu/mobo since i have no spare.

i jiggled the hdd cords to see if it may have dettached but still notta work..

does any one know what may be the problem.. or so can anyone help me out?
Do you have a case speaker attached to the motherboard? Usually the system will beep some code that will help you troubleshoot the problem.

If you can at least see a cursor, your video is probably OK.

I would start by removing all non-essential items (sound card, NIC, extra harddrives, CDROMS, floppy drive, etc) and try again. At least this will help narrow it down a bit.


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ok here you go.. this is the picture you sent me :)

I have circled what i would like for you to check out the circled item and tell me if it is a jumper or not... and also if there is any text on the motherboard...


good luck :)

now I have helped my friends with similar issues and it was due to overclocking that their system would not boot.. no POST no nothing ... just like in your system...

now before you try this you might want to make sure that you have all your bios settings down because shorting your CMOS bat you will clear all your bios settings...

after you have cleared your CMOS you should be able to POST at least... if not then you will be using the technique that scriptasylum has suggested... if in doubt PM us :)


ey..after struggling for such a long period of time.. i finally got it working... :D
this is what i did..
i removed the battery for a few mins. and then i put it back in..
this i suppose it resetted my bios..
so once i turned the damn pc on..
it worked..

only problem now is.. i'm not sure the bios set correctly and i haven't had the slightest idea how or what to set it to since afterall... i never got a chance to see what the setings of the bios is..

got any suggestions?


If you have never seen the BIOS settings, it's obvious that they're already on default. :p No worries about it. ;)


umm.. but..
when i turn on the pc.. during post..
it's got [TIME] and some thing else listed there while booting..

what does that indicate?


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hit del key as you are booting (in some systems it is f1 or f2)
This will take you to the CMOS settings utulity. Just navigate to the menus listed and apply changes as you please, you will be given instructions on how to navigate and change settings clearly stated on the bottom portion of the utulity. Just set the time and Date and look into your MotherBoard manual for more information on other settings. Most things are fine at default. After you are done with the utulity hit F10 to save and exit. Good Luck

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