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Help choosing memory


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Well i just about too order

250Gb Hitachi (IBM/HGST)Deskstar 7K250 (7200rpm,8M) - SATA
256Mb Connect3D PCI-E Radeon X800XT (GDDR3, D-sub, DVI
AMD Athlon 64 4000 32/64Bit CPU S939 Clawhammer Retail inc Heat Sink Fan & 3 Years Warranty

what would be best memory for that?


OSNN Senior Addict
I think it depends quite a lot on your budget, and if you're going to overclock your system in the near future. For both factors though, I'd really recommend crucial's 'ballistix' series of ram, but another worth looking for are crucial's 'twinx' series as well. Those two are generally recommend due to their stability, but they can be costly.


OSNN Junior Addict
i was origninally going too get

1 Gb (2 x 512 Mb) Corsair TwinX-XL, DDR, PC3200XLPT, Cas 2, Lifetime Warranty

however its out of stock so was looking @

1 Gb (2 x 512 Mb) Corsair TwinX, DDR, PC3200C2PT, Cas 2, Lifetime Warranty

but is

Corsair 1GB, PC4400 2x64Mx64, non-ECC 2x184 DIMM, unbuffered, 2.5-4-4-8, Silver H/S, L/T Warranty

any good?


Define 'Cynical'
Check your motherboard manual for recomended types of ram. While Corsair's typically quality, I know of a few boards that won't work with it.


OSNN Junior Addict
right this is what im going for ordering 2morrow does everything look aight?

LN6026 250Gb Hitachi (IBM/HGST)Deskstar 7K250 (7200rpm,8M) - SATA £76.12 £89.44

LN8662 256Mb Connect3D PCI-E Radeon X800XT (GDDR3, D-sub, DVI, TV-Out) £288.45 £338.93

LN9039 Akasa PCI Express 4 Pin to 6 Pin Power cable adaptor £2.49 £2.93

LN8594 AMD Athlon 64 4000 32/64Bit CPU S939 Clawhammer Retail inc Heat Sink Fan & 3 Years Warranty £411.40 £483.40

LN6010 1 Gb (2 x 512Mb) Corsair TwinX, DDR, Reg-PC3200C2PT, Cas 2, Lifetime Warranty (AMD FX51 Compatible) £202.00 £237.35

LN5993 480W Tagan Whisper quiet 21db Also support 12v EPS/SATA/XEON 3 Years Warranty ATX/BTX £59.89 £70.37

LN9251 Gigabyte GA-K8NF-9 NForce 4, ATX, DDDR400, PCI-E x16, Gbit Lan, USB 2.0, AC'97 Audio, SATA, Raid £63.89 £75.07

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