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Help choosing a 8 gig MP3 Player


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Hi all,

Looking to buy a MP3 player for the other half for her birthday next month, and I was hoping you could supply me with some good suggestiongs and pros/cons for each :)

Now please no flaming against ipods etc, personally I think the ipods have great interfaces but itunes does my head in. So they can be considered.

Also it only needs to be focused on music playback rather than video so an archos PMP/ipod touch etc would be over the top :)

Thanks and looking forward to your suggestions :)


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Yeah, I would go with the zen. In fact, I am going to be getting one here soon. I have an ipod now. You don't have to use itunes for ipods. I have a program called anapod for mine. You can also use it on the zen. You have to get the right one for the device though. I only paid $25.00 for it .. It's a good program ..

Info: http://www.redchairsoftware.com

The thing you have to remember with anapod is that it runs on vista, but not the same as it does on xp. They are working on it though.
I've got to big up the creative zen again :p Had one for a few years, til it was stolen /sadfaic

Friend of mine swears by some sleak looking black sony thing.. can't think of the model right now, I may hunt it down


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That is the only draw back indy. But if you think about it. is it really a draw back? I mean the possibilities for it are pretty good ... I am sure sooner or later; they will have it where you can use both at the same time.


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... I am sure sooner or later; they will have it where you can use both at the same time.
I doubt that the new X-fi has exactly the same problem :( however i will live it knowing you can wack in a 32gig sd hc :) still looking into it one of the new sony's is supposed to be good too (one where you dont have to use hopeless software)

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