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HELP!!! chip underclocked

ok i just put a new heatsink on my CPU, i cleaned off the silver crap and all put it back in right and everything, i booted up and it said warning new processer installed. so i thought it was all ok but my cpu is now running at 1.2ghz not 1.6 it is an amd xp 2000+, i did not move any jumpers and i did nothing with the bios, how can i get it back up to speed?


Nissan Powered
he shouldn't have any kind of options to mess with the multipliers unless the cpu is unlocked which I doubt it is. just set your fsb to 133 there isn't a 266 option (its just 133x2) and it should register just fine.
heh, so i fogot a detail... :) any odds he's looking for the 266 option?

Also, doesn't matter if its locked, it doesn't affect the motherboard. The MB can run what ever it wants... not saying it will work though. Basically, it detected his CPU ran at a certain FSB, but didn't try to guess the multplier. This is normal. Its not hard to fix.
i was looking for the 266 option and on my nforce mobo there is a 266fsb setting. i have done everything and no luck, i have changed the fsb to all my options and no luck, i updated the bios and no luck, now what?
Processor Speed: XP 2000+ Processor*
Cache Size: 384KB
Processor Socket: Socket A
Bus Speed: 266MHz (133x2)
Processor Class: AMD Athlon

*Actual clock speed is 1.67GHz

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