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HELP: Chasis wires


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OK, recently I needed help with a problem on the motherboard as my system would not power up at all, even after trying out a different PSU.
However, I've received my new motherboard today and fitted everything inside the chasis, but it still won't power up. It now seems likely that the power switch or the power_sw wire is the problem.
I'm just wondering if it's possible to use the reset wire instead of the power_sw wire to power up the system. Is this possible and are they both the same type of switch/button?

Electronic Punk

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It is obscenely crude and could well not be very good at all, but I like to run a screw driver across the lot of the points if I am having trouble and just want to have the thing power up!

That would at least let you test that.

I don't think you could use reset but it depends on the case?Power would seem to be 0/1 whereas reset would seem to be more a break in power where it reverts to its original state as in 1-0-1


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Well, I tried your method of sticking a screw driver across the two pins on the motherboard, and it does startup. So I think we can confirm that the power_sw wire/switch is the problem.
I really don't know what to do now. I don't want to dig into my pocket again to buy a new case - spent too much already.

Admiral Michael

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Usually the reset button is the same as the power button. It simply closes the circuit. You should be able to use it as a power button with no problems.

EP, your idea about the break in the circuit makes sense but look at it this way, have you ever installed a motherboard without a reset switch? It wouldn't work if the switch simply breaks the circuit.


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hmm.. I don't know if I'm stupid or what, but I pulled the power_led wire out and plugged it back in and the power button starts working.:dead:
However, I've noticed the power led on front panel doesn't light up though. lol.

oh, I have a question about wire orientation. which pin is the wire with the arrow meant to point to? User manual never mention such details.
It is obscenely crude and could well not be very good at all, but I like to run a screw driver across the lot of the points if I am having trouble and just want to have the thing power up!
Yes, very crude. Everyone knows you should use the tip of a ball point pen which is what I do. I actually have a system spread out on the desk with no case and that is how I turn it on.

You can use the reset button instead of the power button. They are both momentary, normally open switches.

Arrow? Mine all have a + or - sign or a + and the word GND (short for ground). An arrow is usually an indicator for pin 1.

The switches do not matter. The LEDs won't work if plugged in backwards but will cause no damage. If reversing an LED solves a problem I suspect you have some of the pins on the wrong header.

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