[HELP] CDrw Eject Itself Too much


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2 Jan 2002
I dont know why...my cdrw eject itself today..I m really piss off then..i install ATGUARD...is same Problem...whats wrong...that s impossible Not hacker control on my cdrw...because i already install ATGUARD as Zone alarm.

I'm win xp Pro with compaq and Phillips Cdrw

whats can solution this sitiation?

Thank you

Check for ghosts :D

Seriously it could be someone is running a Back Orifice server on your PC or even SubSeven which the hacker can control your mouse and CD-ROM / CD-R drives. If not, call your local ghost busters :eek:
hehe very funny....but.....i did install atguard is proctection of hacker by any program backdoor, sub7, netbus, etc......it does not appear alert hacker, etc.....i suspect MIRC because i was using mirc....then someone control my cdrw but i have cd rom also....cdrw always eject open and closed over over over again....not cdrom.....i decide shutdown for 15min....then...turn on my computer.....everything okie....whats heck with MIRC?
whats for Adaptec ASPI 4.70?

Whats For? I dont understand..is it Bug fix for CDRW EJECT by itself? or What?
Adaptec ASPI 4.70 Package Released
Posted by Electronic Punk on Sunday, February 17 @ 21:39:59 GMT (144 reads)

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