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HELP!!! CD and DVD drives disappeared



For some strange reason both my CD and DVD drives have suddenly disappeared. They have both been working fine since I installed Xp in October. They don't show in My Computer or Device Manager and neither of them are working whatsoever. The only thing I have done on my computer today is run Live Update for Norton Anti Virus!! I know I can get them back with System Restore but I would rather find out what has caused this first if possible in case it happens again. Any one got any ideas?


AMD Athlon 1400DDR
Pioneer DVD
GeForce 2 MX400 64mb
Creative Soundblaster Live 1024
A reboot didn't bring them back? Is the motherboard bios picking them up correctly? You say "neither of them are working whatsoever." They don't have power to them either? The trays won't open, or do they have power and just not recognized? If they have no power at all then it could be a power supply issue.


A reboot didn't bring them back. They are not detected in the BIOS at startup. I tried a System Restore and still nothing. There is power to them as the trays work and the power lights etc they are just not detected anywhere.Its amazing because they just all of a sudden disappeared and im amazed lol
If they're not detected in the bios then it's not an XP issue. Have you been inside your case lately? Make sure your ribbon cables are seated all the way. If your bios doesn't pick them up then something is wrong at that end.

If dinking around with the cables and checking the settings in your bios don't work, then find your newest bios update and try that. If you have the newest bios update in already, try rolling that back one or two and see if that helps.

You have to get them to detect in the bios before XP can pick them up. It's a hardware issue at this point.


Problem solved

I updated the bios and set it all back up again and hey presto they're back lol!!

God knows what happened to the bios in the first place as I've had no problems with the previous version until this morning .

Thanks for the advice and well done!
Phew! :D Good news man. Glad to here, I was concerned your motherboard might be dying on you.

Make sure you have a good virus program running too. There are virii out there that can flak your flashed eprom and then your doa.

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