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HELP!!! cant see my hard disk


OSNN One Post Wonder
i recently added an old 40gig ide hard disk back into my destop pc
it is detected by BIOs and in device manager of windows

however i cant see it in "my computer" as a drive... previously did the same thing b4 and all was fine...

i installed alcohol 120 between the last time i plugged in the 40g HD

pls help, got important info inside the drive

Shamus MacNoob

Political User
When you look at it in the device manager ... try this instead , right click on my computer icon, go to manage, disk manager , see if you see your hard drive there and if so what does it say for example ... basic ? dynamic?



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Kermit is in the right direction, it sounds like your drive needs to be initialized and then formatted. Until this action happens, Windows doesn't know how to interpret it because there is no File System. Follow his directions above and right-click on the drive to get the ball rolling....


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Sorry for not reading the OP carefully enough, feel free to slap me silly :s

EDIT: Back to Kermit's original suggestion, since you can see it within Device Manager, does it show up in Disk Management?


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Kermit_The_Frog said:
Until we know this there really is no going anywhere, if it is in the Disk Managment , we need to know how it is seen

Can you post a screenshot?


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Can you see it in safe mode ?? also, is it the same format as the first one ? if the first one is fat32 and the second one is ntfs, you won't be able to see .. I am thinking that once you format it you will be able to see it ... If you can see it in safe mode try it in there .

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
You can run two different file systems. I've done it before. Besides, he can't format. He needs to grab data off it.

Myabe he needs to assign a drive letter to it. I'll wait for a screenshot first tho.

Shamus MacNoob

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Yes windows xp will see both fat and ntfs , we just need to hear from the person with the problem ...seems he is not around at the moment.


OSNN One Post Wonder
no its not in disk management but
at the same time
a pop up appeared wif "disk0" and a check box next to it
tink it wants me to format my old HD

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