Help cannot access a fav site

I'm really peed off now one of my favorite sites I can no longer access.

All I get is error 404 page cannot be displayed or no longer available, so i asked a few friends to see if it's there and it is.

Next step was check the old firewall and even disable it and see if it shows but no go.

Next step was reinstall IE6 that didnt work either, I even mailed the site asking if there was any blocks or bans on my IP range and answer was no.

Also tried all the security settings in IE6 with no luck on that one either.

So then decided to do a system restore to a point well before I stopped accessing the site,
Haven't a clue where to go next.

I will add the site is a carp fishing forum which is a very good site, but might not be your cup of tea.

If any wants to check if they can access the site for me or can come up with any more suggestions as to what the problem could be I would really appreciate it.

Feel free to PM me if you want the address to check if you can access it.......:mad: :mad: :confused: :confused: :( :(<-------forum URL
regards.......cupid (Damien)


You'd probably get a lot more response if you would have just included the url in your original post - so much easier for someone to click on a link than to pm you and then have to go check the url!;)
As suggested I posted the URL in previous post,

didnt want to rock the boat posting a forums address, but probably doesnt matter anyhow as nothing to do with this sort of forums.

any help or suggestions much appreciated..

Is it possible to use 2 browsers on the same system and if so which is free and best to use.

Ideally though I would prefer to use my exsisting IE, but if forced to will install another browser also.



My or may not help - In IE go to tools, internet options, Privacy, under Websites click edit, type in the url, click allow and then OK out of it! See if it'll open now!

Sorry but that is all I can think of at the moment!

But someone more versed than I am in this area may come along and solve it for youif this doesn't!
damnyank thanks for suggestion but already done and still dont works keep thinking please.

Chris I'm downloading firebird now many thanks for the link file size is 6.76mb not what you stated.

any more suggestions plz I'm desperate to get it running in IE before I'm forced to install another browser.

Which is the better free browser that i can install and use along side IE without any nasty conflicts.

Please keep thinking I really need to sort this issue out before I'm forced to take drastic measures by installing another browser.

I know some of you guys are really $hit hot with these problems, and one of you no doubt will crack it for me.



I am using IE and getting there - no problem - just curious - how are you trying to get there in IE?? What I mean is are you using a shortcut, clicking on a link (as I did) or typing the URL into the address block??
I have tried using link in my favs, typing it manually, using a posted link from a friend via msn etc,

I'm really lost by it all now, wierd how every other address in my favs and all typed url's work just this 1 site that is causing me problems.

I am a regular visitor there or was until this problem, It's one of my forum hangouts and a hobby close to my heart.



I had this problem once with a site. Found out their router was using the same IP as me. I do not have trace route installed right now but you can download it if you do a google search. Check and see what the sites IP is and check it against yours. From there you can change yours if that is the problem.


Cupid_Stunt I know it is very late over there and I got to eat supper - so - it'll be awhile until I can get back - only thing else I can think of for you to try is perhaps lowering your security settings!
Just checked there IP nothing like mine not even close.

keep thinking guys all helps in the end we will eventually crack it.

thanks comptech....regards.....cupid

ps my son works for a firm using your nickname.

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