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HELP, Buying new MB, Proc, Mem, Fans



Here we go:

What I want to do is replace my motherboard, with a newer one, get an AthlonXP 1800+ processor, and replace my current ram with a 512mb PC2700 DDR chip. I also want to O/C the crap out of it.

So.... Here's my requirements:
- AthlonXP 1800+ (Or better)
- Motherboard with excelent O/C ability
- Good processor cooler (The best perferably)
- 512mb DDR 333mhz PC2700 ram chip.
- Max total price of $350 (Talked the wife up from $300)

Here's what I've found on my own: (At www.tcwo.com)
- AthlonXP 1800+ OEM $79.00
- 512MB PC2700 333MHz $129.00
- Soyo Dragon Lite KT333 $89.00
- Thermal Take Volcano7 SocketA/370 Copper $18.00
- Antec Silver Thermal Compound Reference Series $9.00
Total $324.00

Anyone Know where to get this stuff cheaper? I get paid on the 13th, and want the best "bang" for my buck. Any other types of components that you guys/gals think would be better and still keep me under my $350 limit?

Thanks for any and all responces.


Well then I guess it's good you stopped me on the Volcano 7, but what do you guys recommend?


if u want a hsf that'll work with overclocking try the Swiftech MCX462

or go watercooling
or better yet get a vapochill

woops didnt read your budget...watercooling and vapochill outta your range.....but if u want to overclock the hell out of it wouldnt u want the best cooling possible? air cooling only so far u can go...water u could push it even further...and looking at the vapochill thats gotta be the ultimate straight outta the box.......unless you start doin your own mods to make it even better

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