Help Blue Screen (dumping memory) appears constantly



P4 1.7GHZ

Ok , this happens when im doing occasional things such as surfing the ent or installing some program, its not constant and hapens unpredicatbly but not often. Has anybody had this problem, is this normal (win98 crashed alot too) by the way, im on a clean install and formatted 12hrs ago.Help
Its certainily happening to me and my friend as well,at least one per day.
less than equal is one and bad pool message another,the rest i can,t remember,as they are many and varied.

I have done two clean installs and still have them recurring.
I guess we are the guinea pigs as usual.:(

Is this normal, does it hurt the sysem, (ie, it shows up and then one day it just crahes completely)
It shows up at least every two days,it starts doing the dump to disc and then you reboot and chkdsk runs and it reboots to a normal system startup no probs.It does not appear to do any harm to the system,except that you are having to do reboots to clear it out and really it has become a pain in the proverbial.
I am running on an ADSL connection,P3 800mhz with 500mb ram, as is my friend,with Norton anti virus and firewall.:(
The BSOD should appear in the event viewer. Cut-n-paste the error here, so we can figure out whats causing it.
Re: reply

Originally posted by djeug
Is this normal, does it hurt the sysem, (ie, it shows up and then one day it just crahes completely)

The BSOD wont hurt your system per se, but whatever is causing it may...

A BSOD is usually caused by a hardware or driver that gone funky, most likely a driver

It would be wise to find out whats causing it. Please see my previous post, and lets see yours.
First thing foremost, Merry Xmas to all

The first one in two days,going to send in Office xp outlook


Stop:-0,0000000A (0,X0000001C,0,X00000002,0,00000001,0,80528518)

Rebooted and got msn explorer internal error x3

reboot to clear

Hope that helps,i am only using Xp drivers,that came with the system

ok, sorry for being late, heres the messege in event viewer

System error category - 102 event 1003

Error code 0000001a, parameter1 00000781, parameter2 c0338914, parameter3 00000000, parameter4 e1606a14.

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