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heloo have a question about my harddrive


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hi i have had my harddrive run a disk check twice thiss week what i am wondering if is it starting to fail i keep seeing thing like files that get orphended and stuff like that or could be a virus

thanks thorlof


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just what ever the windows default is when i restarted my computer it went to a diskcheck when it ligged in and also yoday i had installed a program and then window dected some hardwear changes and then it wanted me to reactvite and it would not take my current product key i had to reinistall the whole operating system for this if there is a next time can you tell me how to fix this without reinstalling

Dark Atheist

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open a cmd box and type chkdsk c: /f - if it is the c drive - it will want you to reboot, to give it a thorough check do chkdsk c: /r /f

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