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Hello world!


The Analog Kid
I just wanted to say hi to everyone I haven't seen in a while. I kept meaning to stop by and say hi and now it's taken an OS meltdown to bring me by. I've just been tied up with real life recently. I got a promotion at work, moved in my my girlfriend (and her 6 yo daughter) and am trying to keep a band alive. So a big Heya goes out to all the usual suspects...What did I miss (besides the launch of Vista)?


Carbon based lifeform
Political User
Da bears! In the superbowl no less...a rousing party with Ep Dancing on video, seriously, we have the pictures.


█▄█ ▀█▄ █
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Season ended for me when KC Lost - but am now rooting for Peyton and the Colts :D

Good to see you again dreamliner ;)


Mr. Bananagrabber
Political User
Football season ended when the Pats lost :(
Yes, it did.
It kicks me that they should have won though.

A: the bad call
B: the colts are poor excuses for human beings and raised the domes temp without telling the pats. - Not allowed... Lead to cramping.

End of the line, colts suck, need to go home for good.

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