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hello all new member hear



hi all just wanted to say hi and that xp is the greatest os i have in stalled and ive had them all ,well not nt or me but the rest i have 98&me :confused: suck 2000 & xp :cool: rule



Yes its by the far the best ... i totally abuse my XP box and i just cant get a blue screen ... :)

I havent had anyhting not work on it, nothing like when 2K first got released anyway...
I have spent many years experimenting with other OS's, like linux and BeOs, just to escape the tortures of 95 and 98. Me was almost acceptable, but xp aaaaahhhhhhhhhh lovely !
After three months I have yet to get a blue screen, and everything seems so much faster (well, almost).
Perhaps they had a couple of linux hackers helping with the code ????


But WinXP steel has bugs! Some of my games do not work, stand by do not work properly, upgrade instalation is just a crap. Just for XP i bought a new machine (the one of the best what can i find here in Israel) and win2000 works fine.

But you are right, it is great system and I do not what to returne to Win2000.
Zeny, I know there are one or two little problems, like directory folders windows not keeping there settings (size and position), stand-by not working correctly and the odd game not working, but on forums like this I have found workarounds or cures for virtually all of my problems. You weigh these LITTLE niggles against the many factory standard BUGS found in almost every aspect of Windows 9x and you realise how far MS have advanced with XP. I'd like to expand on this topic further, but I have to go to work now, so maybe later??:rolleyes:

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