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hello all ghod a few system glitches


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hi all new to the whole computer thing and was wondering if any one can help me ok i use i tunes for playing my music on my computer and when i run yahopo or mozzilla when i am running it itunes will freeze up or my machine will run slow i have a dell
omegatron its got a 2.79 gig herts in it with a Pentium 4 proseser and 512 ram can anyone help i think it it may be a sound card issue or a driver issue with my sound card

thanks wolf


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He has a bunch of the letters correct, just in the wrong order, more than likely he wasn't in the correct state of mind, but I could be wrong.
He has a bunch of the letters correct, just in the wrong order, more than likely he wasn't in the correct state of mind, but I could be wrong.
Much like Carpo writing isn't as inst, twice.

Thorlof - have you got the latest version of iTunes? Try updating your audio drivers too.
Also, when it happens open Task Manager and see which program is causing it.


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you know what i that you Unleashed for the advice and as for you spelling nazis piss off
typing in the dark is hard at any rate i have done all that i am thinking it may be something elts my computer is ok as far as not to many programs running at once i have also noticed that when i run a jahva program it really slows my computer down could this be running in the backgroung invisible and causeing problems?

oh and also a few weeks ago i did a windows xp non destructive reinstall
could this be causing problems as well?

and that's thank you Unleashed for the advice
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Shamus MacNoob

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I would say if you had to do a reinstall that your windows is in need of a fresh start, I would suggest to make back ups of all the things you want to keep like photos and music and game saves and then start with a fresh clean install of windows and all the drivers needed for your machine.
I used to get problems with Java programs doing that, they really, really slowed my machine up.
But the latest versions of Java for about the last year have stopped it, I think they just ironed out the bugs that caused it. Make sure you have the latest version of the Java runtime (Version 6 Update 3), from here.


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Well i just unstalled and reinstalled jahva that seems to have been the problem if i have anymore i'll let you know thanks to all for your help


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so i actually had to go ahead and reinstall windows i found out it wha a couple of updates that i had installes that was causing me problems

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