Rest In Peace
12 Apr 2002
Watched it last night... decent flick overall... Ron Pearlman was pretty good as the title character and the general feel of the movie was not too bad...

pacing could have been better but otherwise was pretty ok for a sci-fi flick...

I've never read the comics so I dunno how true or not the movie was...

I give it 3/5 ntfs stars :D
yah geffster... we used to have ntfs stars on the old forums :D

I guess you musta been a wee l'il knee-high @ the time... well now u know..
So many films, so little time. Yet another i wait to reach these shores!
The impression I'm getting is that it will be received better by those who read the comic books. I'm pretty uninterested at the moment, so it will take quite a bit of convincing for me to go see it. :shrug:
muzikool said:
The impression I'm getting is that it will be received better by those who read the comic books...

Yes, but only if they stayed true to the comic. Comic Book aficionados are a fickle bunch.
never read the comics either but watched it last night for the first time and if you want to see a really fun movie without much thought to it I would agree with sazar and say it's worth a look see

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Rest in peace my friend, been trying to find you and finally did in the worst way imaginable.

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