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Hell has frozen over - Waters back with Floyd


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dreamliner77 said:
Now you Brits just have to figure out how to get me tickets!!!
Not only do you have to get me tickets but you have to get me over there and get me a place to crash for a few days! ;)


I just hope they do maybe a few tour dates in the states. I would put off going to 311 day next year just to see floyd. My mom went to the division bell tour back in the 90's but that wouldn't equal to this @ all.


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dreamliner77 said:
I don't care, I'll sleep on the street for the opp to see that.
Yeah, I would too...I was just looking for a free meal... :cheeky: Always thinking about the belly ya know.


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It would be so cool if they would release a new cd and tour, I have been wanting to see them back together forever. Damn that would be soooooooo cool !!

The best Band Ever back together for a reunion tour. That would be the biggest grossing tour of all time. It would shatter every record out there and no one would ever be able to beat it .. :)

I just hope their egos don't get in the way this time. Then it has been 21 years since they played with Waters. They have been secretly talking for a couple of years now. In fact, Waters wanted gilmour to play on the Tsunami relief show with him, but prior arrangements made it where Gilmour couldn't play.
Grandmaster said:
They are hopefully practicing like crazy so they don't embarass themselves.
Doubt they would need all that much practice. Great musicians continue to play, in a band or not. They might be a bit rusty playing improv off each other but sometimes that adds to the show IMO. :)


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Practice ?? They played those songs so many times they don't need to practice .. Hell, they could do them in their sleep. Which they probably already have lol ...
They'll definitely play tunes both of them have been playing out seperately. I would think Rick Wright is gonna have the toughest time, supposedly it will just be the four Floyds and the last time Wright played without a 2nd keyboard player was in 77,

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