HEEELP!!With Bootvis.



Just ran the Bootvis utility and followed the steps to the 'T', after optimizing my system and upon reboot the DVD and CD writer driveers did not load!! I've gone into device manager and the drives are there but with an exclamation icon on them. It says:

'Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)

Click Troubleshoot to start the troubleshooter for this device.'

I've uninstalled both devices and reinstalled and they stay exactly the same!! ARHHHHH!! Really frustrated...Is there someting in the registry that I have to change back to default?? (Is it as easy as changing a value from 0 to 1 or something?? I don't know registry editing all that well.

Thanks in advance,


PS- I've also tried to do system restore but of course I can't even access it. You need 200MB of free space to access system restore, I made 200 MB free and every time I go into system restore it says I don't have 200MB free!?? That's pissing me off too.
Go to start run and type sfc

if that doesnt work

you can repair your XP installation , boot from CD go through the steps and an option to "Repair" will appear .

Press R and it should fix it
Hi there,

Thanks for the reply however, the sfc option doesn't work simply because when I run the system file check and it finds the files that need to be replaced back to the originals, it only looks for the files on the CD which is the whole problem in the first place. It doesn't give me the option to select the CD which is on my hard drive.

Secondly, I can't boot from the CD!? I've gone into the bios and configured the CD rom drive to boot first in the boot sequence (same steps I've used before when I installed Win NT 4 year or so ago) but it just boots up normally. Everything is set right but it's just booting up same old, same old. I've even tried throwing in an old Win98 boot disk which alows me to get to the CD rom contents in DOS. When I run setup on the WinXP CD it says it cannot be installed from DOS.

Anymore ideas?

Thanks for your time,

Seriously Lost
When your computer boots and is configured to boot from the cd rom, do you see a message that he is actually trying? Something like "attemting boot from ATAPI CD-ROM"?

If not: go into BIOS and check that your cd-rom drives are 'Auto-detected' in the IDE Devices setting (that screen where you can detect and configure a HD too)

If yes: your copy of the windows cd is not bootable. Corporate edition and all downloaded versions aren't bootable.
go here to create a bootable cd. (you can ask a friend to do that, or use another pc)

If you HD's are formatted in FAT32, you could boot with a standard windows boot disk, go to the i386 folder on your HD and start winnt.exe. that'll start the setup.

Also, there is this tool somewhere to create windows XP boot disks (6 of em actually). Yopu could boot from those disk and the direct setup to either use your cd, or get the files from your HD. I think...

Hope this helps..

PS: im not really sure that you will be able to specify the path to the i386 folder during setup.
Hi again,

OK nothing's workin'. I really appreciate all of your suggestions though. I thought I had it fixed when I took your advice Lukas about the XP bootdisks which I found. They worked perfect, I booted from CD and selected repair, copied new files and all and I still have the same problem...no working CD roms. I'm convinced it's in the registry and I've run RegClean and Norton's WinDoctor but nothing seems to work. I'm hoping I don't have to format and reinstall from scratch.

If anybody else knows registry editing and could help me, I would really appreciate it.



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