Yes, cpus have been trashed putting on heatsink fans.

Out of the case on a flat surface. There is a video you can download on the AMD site to walk you through it. When friends of mine build their first amd system I usually walk them through the hsf install. Once you've done it once of twice its a peice of cake. Having a good hsf helps. Spring clip tension varies widely.

Once you have the cpu, hsf and ram in the mb you can plug in the vid card, PS and case power switch and check that everything is working (you'll get a boot screen and self test) and cpu temps are ok (30-40 deg C as read in bios) before installing in the case. This is the way they do it at the computer shops. Makes troubleshooting much easier.

I then plug in the HD and CD rom and finish the install with every thing out of the case. If after you put it in the case it won't boot it usually means you have a trace at one of the MB screw holes shorting.

PS The fan grill on the back of the case is no good. It's covered by 50% metal. You need to get tin snips or a nibbler and cut out that entire circle.

Well if a new case isn't too much, I'll probably just go for a newer better case they that have in the shop. Since also terrible with using tools, and plus they don't have any fans at all in stock that will fit the rear..he even looked in the used parts, did find one to put in the front of this case. but I'm not sure if that cools good either, based on front of case's design

I think you'll be fine, but if you wanna buy a new case, go for it, but do cut out that fan grill...

I think someone has been telling you a bunch of stuff about AMD that hasn't been true for a long time now. Maybe someone had a bad experience???


I think I will be fine also, I think the friend that's been telling me stuff had a bad experience with AMD a while back, so I just won't listen to her anymore, and I'll work on getting that rear grill cut out, or getting a whole new case with better fan mounts back there, just will have to decide on that on my own, and also on Shop's advice next time I have it up there.

Thanks for all the replies, I really appreciate it, and I'm learning a little by little on AMD processors..
My advice, instead of always taking it to the shop, try to do some of the work yourself. You'll learn alot and find that it's not as hard as you think.
if you use it to push the air out i wudn't think he'd need to cut it out too much..it'd b ite that way if it was sucking in it'd probably be worse
with that much covering it, it will reduce airflow out, plus probably cause alot of unwanted noise.

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