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heatsink and fan for pentium 4

I dont have good knowladge of petiums (AMD fan :p ), but anyways, I was building a new computer for a friend's brother as he broke his old dell. Well while I was swaping the processor to the new mobo the heatsink did not fit.

is there a particular heatsink I should look for? the new modo doesn't have the clips that were on the dell.

the pictures are of the new mobo and the old heatsick and fan that came from the dell



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Dude all you have to buy is a standard P4 heat sink for the new mobo. Thats it. Dell is what u call a MONOPOLY company and make things so that you have to buy the replacment parts from them ONLY! Basically go to any pc shop and ask for a p4 heat sink thats it. Usually go for a good one if u have the cash like a Volcano or something like that.


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dell uses proprietary parts... that does not equate to monopoly... many companies do this...

as for the socket you have chilla... like crazy said... a standard p4 cooler should do... I assume you have a sckt 478 cpu... just get a cooler rated to cool your cpu for that socket...


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wow. whatta dusty heatsink. lol

If the people where you happen to go to buy the heatsink fan from don't know what you're talking about when you say a P4 heatsink fan/try to sell you something that won't work anyway (which i wouldn't doubt), here's a pic of mine attached to my mobo. a bit bigger than what it seems in that picture. i woulda kept the pic of my entire mobo, but cropped it to reduce file size.


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The prob with the pic is it is a Retail fan that comes with the CPU not Every pc store carrys those to sell by itself. But ya basically same idea. The clips are all the same on a standard heat sink for a p4 they havent change the p4 sizing that i know of or if they have i must have been in another time zone :p

And as for monopoly Sazar Dell is trying to be. But this is not the place for a debate on it. I sold Dell so. Any hoo Chillaxen just buy a STANDARD p4 heat sink period. Oh ya dont let some one sell you a super high end one if u dont need it dont buy it.


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CHiLLaXen said:
this one http://www.newegg.com/app/Showimage...33-06.JPG/35-150-033-07.JPG/35-150-033-01.JPG is for a pentium but also has clips on it

I'm thinking one's that look like this http://www.newegg.com/app/Showimage...54-04.JPG/35-107-054-03.JPG/35-107-054-02.JPG will fit the new mobo
yah some hsf's come with clips so they can be used on socket A cpu's as well... :)

go for the first one if it is the right one for your friends socket... the second one looks decent too... :)

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