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Heat Sink???

I can't get my damn heatsink off my cpu.....I just bought a new one....Does anyone know what is the proper tool to do it with??? All I am using is a screw driver without a bit....I can put it on ok (Liek I did 2 months ago) But I can't take it off.....could someone help :(


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Is it the clip that holds the Heat Sink or the Heat Sink itself that is stuck on the CPU?

Some of the standard clips on the OEM Heat Sinks and some After Market ones as well are a pain to remove. Be careful not to damage the CPU.

You may need a tool that looks like a Screw Driver but the tip (about an inch of it) has a right angle bend to it so you can hook it under the locking portion of the clip (Side edge of the CPU Socket).

If you have an old Ice Pick handy, carefully bend the tip to a right angle (about an inch to an inch and a half [1"-1 1/2"]). Don't break it. While you are squeezing the clips on the Heat sink use the tool you have engineered :rolleyes: on the lower edges of the clips to pop them off.

Good Luck. :D

The clip holds the hsf to the CPU....I press down and try to bring it up, but it doesnt'.....I find that if I were to push anyharder I would crack the board......I guess I should just take it to a tech, and let him break it
Worked excellent!!! Thanks guys!!! I think I am going to get some Silver compound, and see if that makes a diff......system is now at 45 degrees!!! yeah.......10 degrees lower then it was............But now I have a heatsink and fan just sitting here............Any suggestions to what you would do with it???? A good play to put it (if any) Or a good place to use the fan!!!! Thanks guys/gals!!!!!!!!!

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