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heard something about why midnight club 2 online lags

when im playing midnight club 2 and it says "go!" it kinda takes me a long time to catch up to people in the beginning and some guy online said it was b/c i have a slow system (900 mhz) and he said the higher the cpu the faster you can respond to online. and he said its noticible faster. is that true???? btw the guy said he tested 2 pcs and thats how he knew.


Free to Fly
Could be the speed of the computer but it also the speed of your internet connection, and the other people who you are racing.
When i play Midnight Club 2 online, i have noticed also at the beginning a slight delay in catching up. Ive found out in my opinion it is because my graphic detail is on too high 1600x1200 ingame resolution. Perhaps if you lower your game graphics slightly, it might be able to solve your problem. I think i will stick to the catchup at the beginning so that i can have the best graphic detail i can get ;). Whats a couple of seconds in comparision with minutes/hours of Midnight Club 2 full detail fun :D ;)

Alex :cool:
hey axel someone also told me that. they were like lower ur rez to 640x480 then i went to go lower it and i found its already @ the resolution. hehe!

my cpu is athlon 900mhz, graphics card is geforce 2 mx, and my RAM is 512mb but i think the second 256 stick is malfunctional, im not sure tho!


Free to Fly
The minimum spec for the game is 800mhz.. so its always going to be running slower than it would do on a higher processor.

What drivers are you using for your card? You tried any others?
oh.. geforce 2mx, i had the same problem with that. I think its just the card catching up with itself at the beginning considering its not a Directx 9 card :p. Chris is proberbly right, it is possibly due to your computer system. Are you using offical Nvidia drivers?

Although, have you tried Midnight Club 2 Demo? Does that do the same thing? :confused: That could be worth a look. I have both Demo and full game installed on my system and use whatever to suit what mood im in :)

Alex :cool:
yep the demo does work online so long as you get the multiplayer demo ;) hehe.

Try the new Nvidia drivers (the offical ones) and let me know what happens then

Alex :cool:

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