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Headset Recommendations


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I have been looking at the Creative Fatal1ty Gaming Headset because I got it recommended but at the same time I hear much bad about it.

What do you recommend me as a mic/headset for gaming (and a bit of skype)

Please and thanks.


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And I thought $60 was expensive. Any thoughts on the Fatal1ty ones? What about your opinions on the Razer headsets?


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In the past I have owned the Razer Barracuda HP-1 head phones and the Razer Barracuda AC-1 sound card. While primarily using them for gaming, I did occasionally use them for movies as well as music. I found that while gaming, sometimes the sounds would seem to be backwards meaning what you should hear in front of you you would sometimes hear behind you. Also, the pesky microphone on the Razer Barracuda HP-1 is horrible. It does a really bad job at picking up your voice (especially in applications such as TeamSpeak and Ventrilo) and it has a tendency to come off every now and then since it is removeable. All in all, I was not very happy with either the headset or the sound card. Since then, I have moved to a Creative X-FI card and bought myself a good pair of Sennheiser HD959 headphones and a desktop microphone. This setup seems to work much better however there is much debate as to whether or not a headset can provide you with the same quality as a really good pair of headphones.
You shoudl check out the sennheiser headsets, if the headphone part is not a step down from your 959's. I can never tell with their numbering.


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Those headphones look amazing. And hearing good things about it. I just wish it was at least a bit cheaper, looking for deals now.

*edit, wow cheapest i can find is $219 plus taxes and shipping.

*edit any recommendations for a cheaper older sennheiser headset?


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I can't seem to setup my new headset. As I said, I have the Sennheiser PC151's and I plugged in the mic cord into the back of my computer, in the correct slot. Windows seems to notice it's there but I can't seem to get it working in any program, nothing is producing sound.

Is there something I am doing wrong? And what is the best way to test your headsets and make sure they are working?
play music to test the audio

set the record input to mic and run the mic test in control panel to test that

If you hear/record silence, you need to move plugs around.

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