Headache with XP Corporate help me!!!



Hello All,

I have been trying for the last 4 hours to Network to computers using WinXP Pro edition. I have a Netgear HUB model EN104
it is a 4 Port with one of the three ports setup for "Link Rx". I have a push button beside the 4th port that reads Normal/Uplink.

--I am using Cat5 cables.

--I went through the networking wizards made sure computer 1 and computer 2 was apart of the same workgroup and had seperate computer names.

--I did a search for computers the only computer that showed up with searches on both computers was the computer name and workgroup that I was using to do the search.

--I went to the start menu selected run and typed in \\thecomputername and hit run did not work.

--I disabled the xp built in firewall. Went through all the steps again nothing.

--File sharing is enabled on both computers.

--I also have a cable modem in which i have going into the 4th Port that has the switch from Normal/Uplink. I tried to swap ports to see if that would work ... Nothing!!!!

When I did try to swap cat5 with various ports the PC Light on the modem did not flash solid "meaning connection not established and the modem is not talking to the ethernet cards.

---The only way that I can network my computers is by not using the cable modem. And using a Cat5 Crossover cable.

But my crucial objective is to have my cable modem in the loop so that I can exchange files on a Network from computer to computer.

someone please help..

Thanks a Million Times in advance

I see you are doing a lot of stuff, but you really seem to be spinning your wheels more than anything. Here's the basics:

1. Do you have multiple IPs purchased from your cable ISP? If not, then you need to either use a router or some NAT system (ICS for example, 2 NICs in a PC to share the cable modem with the rest of the network) to share that connection with the rest of your network.

2. Are the workstations using DHCP? If they are, they are probably all trying to pull IPs from the cable modem when it's connected to the network and confusing the workstations. If you have only one IP from the cable company, then assign static IPs to the workstations, and set the gateway and DNS addresses to the IP of the router/NAT computer on your network. If you do get a separate router, and you want to continue using your hub for your workstations, then you would connect the router to the "uplink" port on your hub, and make sure the button is set to "uplink" and not "normal".

First thanks for responding

Ok, i'm not familiar with a NAT system is that software or hardware?

And let me get this correct. I can use 2 NAT cards in computer 1 and run a cat5 or cat5 crossover to computer 2 and I can setup a small LAN on my hard drives? As for right now sharing internet connections is not priority 1 it would be nice though.

Next, if I did want to surf on both computers I would have to purchase a second IP? I got a e-mail from the company requesting that I change from static due to the fact @home.com went bankrupt and they are setting up their own server so the only way the conversion to the new system would be active is by changing the settings "FROM" static. is there anyway around this?? besides of course getting that second IP.
OK, NAT could be handled in software (like Internet Connection Sharing and Wingate) or hardware (like in a Linksys BEFSR41 home router). The cards I was mentioning are simply NICs, with no special NAT (Network Address Translation) abilities.

Now, for you, the simplest way to get them all online would be to call the cable company and just ask them for enough IPs to cover your systems. They will also walk you through setting up your workstations so they can all communicate with the internet. The next easiest method is to buy that router I just mentioned (or one like it) and follow the directions it comes with. It's very, very simple to setup. Installing and configuring any software options on a hosting PC might be a little much for you right now, so I would recommend those as your choices.

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