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HDMI Input


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Are there any pci or pci express cards available with HDMI inputs as of yet? HDMI output would be great as well ..but my main concern is input. I would get into great detail in discussing why ...but im sure that leaves little to the imagination.

Being a Pioneer Elite and Denon dealer/installer i have found a great need for the above stated .... especially with the new 1080p plasma arriving next week!
HDMI's video is electrically identical to DVI, but also carries an audio signal. It would be nice to have a video/audio capture card so you wouldn't have to deal with a bunch of cables into your sound card. In fact, it would be more valuable than an output, because you probably want your digital audio going into your receiver instead of your television.

You might be on to something...call ATI :D I'd buy one.

And yay on the TV. 1080p is nice!


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There are adapters for HDMI/DVI. Is this a problem, or are you looking for something that will get around the HDCP for blu-ray or HD-DVD?


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Well... 2 things really ... one it could be a dvi-d input ...but the idea is to record hi def on harddrive. Also ..yes ... to go around the HDCP. it is much more simple to record with one instead of trying to sync audio with video through 2 different devices.

mainly ...this would be used in media centers. i have read articles that the hdmi connectors will be the next usb connection. seems only a matter of time ..i guess i was just seeing if one was avaialbe now.

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