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I've got a MSI6340 mobo, a month old Seagate Barracuda ATAIV harddrive and i'm running WindowsXP. A changed my harddrive a month ago getting rid of my old one a 20GB Quantm Fireball.After a week I got a 32k bad sector! I formmated the drive using the tool provided on Seagate site and everything was ok. I reinstaled WindowsXP on a 10GB NTFS partition (previously I was using a 40GB Fat32 partition) and the rest of the drive I formated using the FAT32 file sistem. After a few days on a standard reboot the system got stuck for 30sec (with the hdd led lighted)right after the reboot, then everything returned to normal but in event viewer I got the Device0 has a bad block error, and the bad sectors are back in the NTFS partition but not in the same position as previous. After reformating the drive (the bad sectors are gone now) and reinstaling windows, yesterday the same problem occurs almost identical except that the bad are in the fat32 partition now!!!My mainboard is with the latest bios updates. My previous hard drive, a 20GB Quantum worked fine. Do you have any clue about the cause of the problem? Is the hard drive? Or the EIDE controler on the mainboard? Is WindowsXP's fault?
Thank you for your time.


update all your drivers and bios, if necessary. personally, i dont like the idea of running different file systems partitioned on the same drive. also, i dont like the idea of having different file systems in general. i'd stick with either fat32 or ntfs, not both.

maybe it could be a drive error or the cables? i've had that happen to me many times before also.


My bios is the latest one available on the MSI site and the drivers are the newest ones. I changed three IDE cables so far and the problem is the same. I started with two FAT32 partitions but after the first incident I changed the sistem partition to NTFS hoping that this will solve the problem, but no chance. So I don't think is the cable or the fact that are two partitions with different file systems.
The fact that the bads are logical makes my wonder that the hdd is fine and the problem is caused either by the IDE controler of the mobo or the OS, in my case Windows XP.

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