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HDD vs. sound card issue

I just bought a new 160GB Seagate drive (yummy). After some fiddling I realised I had to connect it to my mobo RAID connector to use more than 137GB of capacity. So I did that. Everthing seemed fine, for a while...

I discovered that everytime I copy data to or from the disk (even at slow rate when downloading stuff) my sound (mainly from Winamp) goes all wierd and becomes scratchy and blippy. Sometimes (like just a min ago) it screeches to a complete halt and I have to reboot to get it to work again. :mad:

Oh and now it's randomly screeching and thrashing even though I turned Winamp off. *turns speakers off*

What could be causing this?? I've updated RAID controller and chipset drivers to no avail.

Useful info:
Sound card: SB Audigy 2

Primary Master: WD 120GB (system drive)
Secondary Master: DVD
Secondary Slave: Burner

Secondary Master: Seagate 160GB
The Audigy is on it's own IRQ. And why move it to the last slot?? Btw, I think it's allready in there.

The RAID controller shares IRQ with one USB port it seems, but I don't think that's it.

Any other ideas?


hardware monkey
sounds like a pci latency issue. go into your bios and mess with the following:

P2C C2P Concurrency = enabled
PCI Master 0 WS Read/Write = disabled (both)
PCI Master Read Caching = disabled
PCI Dynamic Bursting = enabled
PCI Latency Timer = 64 or 128 cycles
PCI Delay Transaction = enabled (but if everything else fails, try disabled)

try those. maybe one or two at a time so you can find out which setting was the culprit.
I only had two of the settings in my BIOS.
Delayed Transaction was off, I turned it on.
PCI Latency Timer was 32, I upped it to 64 and 128.

All in all, no change. Putting latency to 128 possibly even made it worse.

Any other ideas? I'm pretty stumped and very annoyed. :mad:


hardware monkey
i know some via boards has issues with certain cards being in some slots. maybe there's a chance you could be experiencing something similar.

so, maybe play musical slots with your pci cards? what you need to accomplish is giving your audigy pci priority over your raid card.


hardware monkey
Originally posted by dreamliner77
putting it in the last slot gets it as far away from the agp bus which has been known to introduce noise
this doesn't sound like a noise issue. at least not with the agp bus.

harddrive activity on the raid pci card causes problems with the audigy. we're dealing with a purely pci problem, it seems.


The Analog Kid
Here's an idea...

Have you updated the bios? After that, you should be able to use the 160 gig drive on the ide bus. Just not sure you really want to do that. BUt that's what I'd recommend.
It's not a VIA board, it's an ABIT BD7II-RAID (see sig)

It's not a RAID PCI card, it's onboard on the mobo

I've updated BIOS, RAID drivers, chipset drivers, sound drivers.

The BIOS picks up the 160 correctly on the normal IDE, and so does Windows. I just can't format a partion beyond 137GB in Windows. I could put the drive back now that I've made the partition, but I'm pretty sure that would f00k up the data really bad. :(

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