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HDD transfers

Ok, my WD120SE is acting up. It's whining like hell. I think the bearings are dieing. Oh well. I bought a new drive (Seagate Barracuda V 120 GB) to replace it. So what I want to do is just transfer all the data (~110 GB) onto the new one. Since it's the system drive this won't be too easy. Is there any good program (like Ghost maybe?) that will do this for me? I can put the disks as slaves in another computer temporarily if I have to.


The Analog Kid
You should be fine if you throw your new disk in as a slave. I always format it first, but you should have to. Then use Ghost, Drive Image or DRVCloner http://home.carolina.rr.com/lexunfreeware/DrvClonerXP/DrvClonerXP.htm

I've used Ghost and Drive Image, both will image right to the new slave drive. I want to try DrvCloner next. This looks like it would be your best solution seeing as it doesn't have to physically image the drive, just copy it.


I have bought two new HDD in the past 3 months. A Maxtor and a Western Digital. Both came with there new versions of there Disk format utility. By using the software that came with the drive I was able to copy from the old drive to the new drive all information including the boot record. Then reboot the system with both drives in place to allow the system to see both drives. Now that this is done I shutdown the system remove the old drive and put the new one as the master, reboot and all is fine...

So check the software that came with the drive or go to the Seagate site to see if there software will do the same, if it does just download it.
OK, I got the drive.

1. Tried DrvClonerXP. It was fast and seemed to work. Until I rebooted. ;) Did a repair installation. The system drives was H: (!?). Managed to f*ck up the drive. Back to square one.
2. Tried Norton Ghost. That seemed to work. Rebooted. Seemed ok. BSOD!! Rebooted. Seems to work (knock on wood).

Total time wasted: ~8hrs.
Now cruising at a sound level of "very low". Thanks again for the tips! :)


Hi Zedric
I use a program called copy commander to copy drives all the time, works out of a DOS type enviroment and has never failed me yet. It is also fairly cheap $29.95 retail in most places in the USA.

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