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Hdd Rack


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I have on my ide1 conected my hdd as MASTER.
On my IDE 2 i have a CDRW has slave and i bought and HDD rack.
Now I put a hdd on the rack and put the jumpers in master or slave but it doesn't work, what do i have to do ?
something in bios ?
In the bios primary master is user, primary slave is auto, second master is auto and second slave is in cdrom mode?

please help me


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I will explain myself again.
On IDE1 I have my HDD as master.
On IDE2 I have as slave the CDRW and the HDD rack has got any jumpers, i have to select he jumpers on each HDD i put on the rack.
can it be that the cd has to be master?


just put the second hdd on ide 1 with primary hdd.

set primary hdd as master
set 2nd hdd as slave

cdrw on ide 2 should be set as master

make sure u usin the right connectors on the ide cable too
make sure u got it the right way too:)blue side to mobo.....last connector on ide for master......middle connector for slave

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The HDD has to be the master.... if you have 2 HDDs the on is the master the second is the slave and the CDrw is a secondery slave.... try what [cpk]bastid sayd

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