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HDD problem


OSNN One Post Wonder
Recently I've been having trouble accessing my 200 GB Western Digital drive (WD2500JB). When I try to access it, I recieve the following error message:

D:\ is not accessible.
The parameter is incorrect.

I have used the Western Digital diagnostic test but it tells me that my drive is fine. Can anyone help me solve this problem? Thanks :)


Beware the Monkeys!!!
Make sure windows itself is picking up the drive, even check the drivers under your system. One easy check is to replace the cable, to make sure that it is ok.


OSNN One Post Wonder
ming said:
Did you just install the drive?
Nope, I've had this drive for about a year or so.

I've tried reconnecting the cables but it doesn't work. Device manager also shows the HDD and reports it as "working properly" :confused:
If the FSB is overclocked on the system set it back to standard.

Make sure you have SMART enabled in bios so the HD failure detection is working.

Run a complete virus scan on your system (C and D drives) with an up to date anti-virus.

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