HDD not seen by fdisk


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4 Aug 2002
My main HDD can't be seen by fdisk. Windows boots off it, it's seen in the bios, however, when I use Partition magic, it reads the disk as "bad", so I figured, ohh well, Ill just wipe the whole drive and reparition it, but I couldn't even do that, when XP CD boots, it says "There is no disk in this drive" but it reads the capacity as 60 Gigs. I dunno what to do.
Find or make a manufacturers boot floppy for your HD. WD you can download the files to make the floppy if you bought an OEM that came without one. I don't know about Maxtor or (yuk) Seagate.

Run the diagnostics. If the diag says the hard drive is fine try a Track 0 repair. I've had Windows do funky things to Track 0 when using a "Bootable HD" in IDE 1.

If that doesn't work I'm stumped.
r u using a SCSI or SATA HDD that you need to load special drivers for? Windows Installer promts you to press F6 i think to install 3rd party SCSI/RAID drivers...which i have to do for my intel sata interface. the installer won't work without doing that
nono, it's a typical ata maxtor 30 gig HDD, I've downloaded powermax, but I have to locate a floppy drive now to put in the machine....

It's totally weird to me that the computer works fine, but the drive can't be seen

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