HDD not dtected on windows xp?


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HDD not detected on windows xp?

Hi, ive got an IBM deskstar 60Gb on my primary master and that has been working fine. I bought this new hard drive, the Seagate Baracdda ATA V 60Gb. On bios, i can see the hard drive detected. But as soon as windows boots up, i dont see the other hdd. What is wrong? Ive got the a7v266e with raid but i disable it since i dont use the other ide.


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maybe you need to go into...control panel

admin tools

computer management

see if drive is there..

if so may active


or something like that

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From where nivlo left off.

Computer mangement/storage/disk management.

You should see the drive in there. It probably only needs to be formatted which xp will do for you once you get to the above place.


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Did you maybe disable the IDE port in Windows? Go to Device Manager, select the "IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers" section. Right click the channel your non-appearing drive is on (primary/secondary IDE Channel). Then go to the Advanced Settings tab. There are two ports for each channel, are both enabled?

I've had something like that happen once when I disabled an IDE port in BIOS because I wasn't using it. Then several months later, I got an extra drive. I re-enabled the port in BIOS, but Windows must not "notice" the change because I had to enable it in Device Manager as well.


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you need to partition the drive before anything really works. As far as I know windows wont automatically do that. Try using partition magic or something. if it is brand new, and the bios sees it, just needs partitioning


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it should be visible in the Device Manager and Disk Management areas even if its not partitioned. The Disk Management tool allows you to do the partitioning and formatting of the drive, so it should definitely be able to see it.


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ok fixed the problem. after 2 weeks of swaping hdd around....=\. Problem was i didnt set "DMA if available" was not set on slave, it was set to PIO only. dont even know what that was...but yea i have fixed the problem...thx you guys for the help. =) cheers.

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