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HDD dies


Smokin & Jokin

During Operations such as virus scans....my D: which is on a RAID
Array suddenly dies :(

It then becomes unusable, an error message pops up saying
something about a write failure and I have to restart in order
to access the drive.

On rare occasions...this happens whilst in game and when windows
reboots, it says windows has recovered from a serious error.

What the feck is going on?

Somebody help PLEASE! :mad:


Nissan Powered
your drive is failing...... you just said that. try to back up whatever u can then get ahold of the manufacture of the drive and see if u can get it replaced (if its still under warrenty)


OSNN Addict
OK I admit to having psu issues on my mind, having just read the whole "Infinite Loop" thread over on the VIA Arena board, but could this be a lack of power to your hdd? Sounds like it's happening at times with a power crunch (games, virus checks, etc), and somethings gotta give if there's not enough power to run everything. One recurring issue in the VIA thread was involving the (high) power consumption of RAID's. In the interest of troubleshooting:

1) Run whatever hd diagnostics you can get your hands on. If it's broke get a new one.

2) Try backing off your ide's (take out a hd, cd, or two) and running the hd on ide 0 or 1. Still problems? Another test, switch out another hd from an ide channel to the raid, and put the problem child on the ide. Which one fails?

3) Take a good hard look at the amount of power you are supplying vs. the amount of power you are requiring.

Kind of amazing that we think we can plug in infinite numbers of power hungry toys and expect them to work, and then blame the toys when they don't get enough power to perform.

Now you don't give any specs (what's up w dat?), so I'm making some assumptions about your setup. If I've made wrong assumptions.....nevermind.



DBZ - Yes its in me!
i had the same problem with my raid system ...i think it was because one of the drives was a lower rpm speed so i just changed the array to jbod since my card does both and it hasnt messed up since.


Smokin & Jokin
So it may be my power supply.....
Heres my spec, hopefully its my power and not the HDD.

1.2 AMD Thunderbird
512 DDR 2100
Asus A7V8X / RAID
Nvidia TNT2 32mb
Quantum Fireball 20gb 7200rpm 2mb cache
Maxtor Fireball 60gb 7200rpm 2mb cache (On RAID)
8x8x32 CD-Writer (internal)
16x48 DVD-ROM (internal)
ATAPI 250mb Zip Drive
Alps 3 1/2 Inch Floppy Drive
Zoom V.92 56k Dial-up Modem
300w Jeantech Power Unit
It could be your power supply. But I think its more than likely something to do with your raid. Make sure raid is disabled if your just using those Ide's for normal use. I dont know about your asus board, but I need to use a special driver for hdds on my raid ports if Im not using raid. Maybe you just need a driver. Try freeing up an ide and adding your d: to it. If the problem goes away, its a driver.

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