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HD space is disappearing?



Tonight all of the sudden my hard drive space on my C drive is disappearing at a rate of about 10mb every minute even if I have no programs running, I turned of Norton anti virus and Zone alarm to see if either program was causing it without sucess. It all comes back when I reboot. I have a 20gb HD partitioned into 2 10gb drives and I'm getting no loss of space on the D drive. I restored my puter to an earlier time and I still have the problem. Could it be that my HD is going bad? Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks

Sys info
Athlon Thunderbird 900
Win XP pro
384mb Ram
Asus A7V-133 ACPI mobo
ok wait...so 10mb of space dissappears every minute? something would have to start occupying the space...and if you just let your computer sit do you start to get low memory warnings? also do you have your max swapfile size set to anything high? it could be the swap growing..but not that fast.

Quick way to tell if it's the HD is to a complete Chkdsk/f and next time you reboot do a full surface scan (itll take a loooooong while) but seriously...let the computer sit..at 10meg a minute it shouldn't be long until you run out of space to see if your truly "losing" it


Found out why!

It was a trace.log file. I don't know where it came from but it was constantly writing to c drive. I went into processes and turned them off one by one and the file disappeared.
Thanks for the reply!!

Got the same problem just today, I am interested to know what program or process that generates this trace.log file . . did the problem repeated on your computer ??
I am suspicious this was generated by Zone Alarm as this the only program that I have just installed recently and never had the problem before . . so I prefer to park Zone Alarm somewhere else for time being.

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