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Jan 25, 2003
And now that zap is saved...

FYI I was surfing for another thread and noticed that many of the 8800 series cards on newegg say HDCP compatible now. It looks like Nvidia's new product line will support HD media playback.


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Feb 19, 2005
thats right ... but damn ..reading through this thread made me think ..this DRM crap is really ****ty for the consumer. Its simply a matter of time until someone cracks it .... the amount of computer resources needed to run the DRM kernal is overwhelmingly obsurd. Some say it may drag your **** down as much as 12% ..thats hideous ..especially since that additional 12% of computing power is coming out of our (the consumer) pockets.

I'm fairly straight with the piracy thing ... but this really pisses me off and am tempted to start ripping HD stuff of my Moxi box and put it on torrents.

So .. you do not absolutely have to have HDCP crap for your setup. There are many ways around it ... much cheaper in fact. Unless you plan on using your computer alongside an internal BLUE-RAY or HD DVD player ... as a Media Center setup ... dont worry about it. Its like the guys that say HEY .. i have a 1080p tv ... which means nothing anyway other than well ..nothing.


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Sep 29, 2003
thats right ... but damn ..reading through this thread made me think ..this DRM crap is really ****ty for the consumer. Its simply a matter of time until someone cracks it ....
HD-DVD for now has been cracked, the first torrent made its way onto the net the other day even. ;) It weighed in @ like 20+GB though lol. Anyhoo yeah, the consumer is screwed in this whole HD thing. I just read some story on /. talking about how some HD TV was having issue with the PS3 because of the HDCP crap and the HDMI cables or some rubbish. To many "standards" trying to mesh to make this DRM work, and it only hurts the costumer once again.


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Oct 22, 2006
well... the ICT Flag (which is why you need hdcp enabled devices) it's not supposed to be added to discs by major studios at least for a few years

i think if they start adding this protocol flag they'll end up screwing way too many people, from early adopters to uninformed buyers and don't forget 360 users, since the current hd-dvd player only has analog connections

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