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HD Monitor/TV Suggestions


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I am looking for a new monitor/tv. This is because my Samsung SyncMaster 215TW is getting a bit small and a bit old. And it's also because I now have a 360 that I would love to have in my room, and not in the family room.

I would really love to get a nice 40+" HDTV, but that is future. This is more of the present time tech. So 24" is the lowest I want. I am asking you guys on your suggestions for someone who will be watching TV/Movies/360 Games/PC Games, and internet.

I have been looking at these 2 monitors, but both worry me about the dark lights reviews have said about them. $500 is probably the highest I want to go for this, maybe $600. I have been looking at

BenQ v2400w

and the Samsung SyncMaster T240HD

Comments, suggestions, ideas are welcome. Thanks. There are just so many brands,versions, types.


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My Dell ultrasharp has been as good as gold and its the orgional 20" widescreen version they released. Defiantly recommend them :)


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Yea I would love a dell, but everytime I go to there website to see a 24" or other, I see there newest 30" version which looks so amazing and I want that lol
Avoid Viewsonic. We just got 8 26 inch multimedia ones for the lab at work and they are terrible. There isn't one with a clean sharp text image and we tried different cables, resolutions, etc. The color quality is off between different units also.

We're buying 24 inch Samsungs for the offices and many of them are coming in with defective masks causing ghosting on text.

At first I thought it was just me being picky about my video but other people have been commenting on viewability of the Samsungs and Viewsonics also.

The company may be getting "seconds" dumped on them. Our procurement guys are not real sharp. I can't beleive how bad some of these displays are. I'm wondering if the"multimedia" versions are really optimized for entertainment and screw the people using them for data work.


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I think I may go with a Dell. Though I really want there newest 30" monitor. It looks so amazing. But it will take a longer time to save up, I want new monitor/tv now lol

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