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HD Help b4 Xmas...Pls!

Hey all

My main HD Failed on Sunday so had to get a new one :( anyway, got XP n that on it now, but My Computer will not Detect my 2nd HD, in Device Manager it finds it n reports no probs , n the bios finds it as slave which is wat it is, but i cant access the 2nd Drive from My computer , My new C: works fine but i cant get onto the 2nd HD, i dont want to Format the 2nd HD on as its got Valuable stuff on which cant b replaced. btw the jumpers r correct.

Please help gota get it sorted b4 xmas...pls!


Merry Christmas, From Ste :)
i ran the power max thing and it sed there is no partition information? so i was wondering is there a program that can Create a partition without losin any data on that HD, Can Partition magic 8 do this? if so how?

Please Help

If there is no partition information, your pretty much out in the cold. The only thing that could work is some data recovery software. I'm not sure which one would be best/cheapest since it was a while since I used them. They tend to work fairly well though, but not perfectly.

Perhaps someone else has some suggestions on software?


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
yeah = Zedric is right = with no partition table you are down to low level data recovery - this is painstaking and slow and you'll need to review what data is on the drive you want to go for and what can be recovered in whatever way (because ANY other way will probably be easier!)....

After that work on a plan and research the recovery tools - Google is your friend and I am sure others will post any they have used.... (I am lucky enough not to have been there, touch wood!)
i tried to install partition magic 8 and it says there is a problem with the partition? however wen i run the Evalutation version of getdataback 2.31 it finds all my files and allows me to use them however i cannot copy the files to my new HD so that i can format the 2nd one. Is there a free program like getdataback which will find the files and allow me to copy them to my new HD? Perferably Free programs pls... Pls Help!

lancer said:
you could try copying the files in ms-dos mode, i'f done this before myself.
This is most likely impossible for more than one reason. NTFS and the lack of partitioning information being two...
Hey, My Uncle managed to save the info i wanted off the HD and put it on my new one. i Reformatted the 2nd HD now so all is ok. Thanx 4 the Help :)

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