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8 Aug 2002
i honestly wouldn't have gone with a writer anytime soon. I mean... what are you gonna do with it? make your own BluRay movies? that'd mostly help if you download a lot of videos that are in 1080p. making copies of BluRay movies would also be rather odd, seeing as it'd still be a kinda difficult process, and the fact that two single-layer BluRay discs cost $20. At that rate, i'd much rather just buy the actual movie on BluRay.

I don't plan on buying a BluRay writer until the price of said writers and BluRay media starts to drop BIGTIME.

Not Bman

Just wanted to comment on WinDVD 9 and it's features. I started watching some of my normal DVD's with WinDVD 9 and upscaling it, and using the smartstrech to 16.9 and all those kinds of features and man does it look good. Obviously it's not perfect since your streching it and changing it, but overall it seems like a pretty good ripped HD movie.

Got rid of PowerDVD, i believe WinDVD 9 is better now for those features, its ease of use, and the better looking program.


2 Feb 2004
it'd be great if it worked in 5.1 mode and let me enable tri-mension....

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