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hd benchmarks results are slower than what the drive really is! please help.


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i have a wd 250gb 16mb 7200 sataII 3.0gb hd and its on a promise controller card. sata 300 tx2 i think is the model. ne ways i did a benchmark on it using this prog called everest ultimate edition by lavalys. i have the latest ver. and so i did the test for my disks. and like the max speed was like 92MB/s and it was like staying there too..whats the prob? drivers? hardware? configuration? or something else? could also be because my hd is not directly connected to the mobo and that its on a controller instead of direct? cause doesnt the PCI slot make it sloer please help. thanks..and also..my hd led is not going on ne more ever since i installed this hd. and i didnt even touch the connections on the mobo. its just lightly blinking red every sec. thanks for the help.

forgot to mention...the mobo is an asus a7v333. i know i know i need to upgrade...but i just want to know whats making my hd go at those speeds..and know how i can fix it besides the obvious which is upgrading..and btw when i did the avg access time or whatever..it was like 13ms! instead of 8.9
"Add in" controller cards are usually plugged into slow PCI slots. Unless your card is in a PCI-e card slot don't expect full speed. (Yes, I know no PCI-e on your older MB.)

Make sure the drive and controller are set up for highest transfer rate in Device Manager. It may be defaulted to something less, like udma 100. That could be a MB bios limitation with a board that old.

The HD LED is controlled by the MB and it's built in HD controller. Why it is periodically blinking I don't understand unless a background task is going out to another HD working off the MB controller.

Sadly the fix is a new MB...

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